Present over Perfect

Do you ever notice how we like to secretly pretend there is a perfect world just out of our reach? You know….that world where no one is suppose to make mistakes? Yes, that’s the one!….the place where misunderstandings never occur, and pain doesn’t monopolize the power to break our fragile hearts. Doesn’t it feel good to believe this world exists? Don’t we enjoy concluding it is a reasonable option by default? On a particlarly challenging day, we could even be convinced it has achieved “#goalstatus.”

Wow! This place sounds amazing! How about we take a trip there together right now?

In a perfect world, you would be completely fufilled and so would everyone around you. In a perfect world, there would be no criteria that wasn’t met. In a perfect world, you would already have completed every task you created for yourself so nothing would be unfinished. Your state of perfection would keep you from making choices that brought you anything but happiness and joy. All of life would mirror your eternal state of divinity. Everywhere you looked you would see an unquestioning reflection of you staring back at you in total agreement and acceptance of What Is.

The end of conflict would settle into your awareness and invite you to exude a peaceful calming demeanor. There would be no more need for negotiations because everyone would simply agree. Resolutions would cease to be created because there would be no problems. You see, everything would simply be perfect as it is, and require no further complication or contemplation.

You would have to retire your righteousness because no one, including yourself, would argue that you are wrong. All of your personal opinions and observations would be honored, respected, accepted, and celebrated as a unique expression of the divine.

What would perfection teach you about who you are and why you are here? What power would it grant you over your life? In your perfect world, what becomes of your purpose? Which decisions could survive your approval? When anything is possible, how do you limit yourself to a single creation? What can possibly be worthy of your time and energy when you are in a state of absolute perfection?

Dare we dream of owning imperfection? Dare we muddle through the unknown with a curious mind, feeling heart, and perishable body? Dare we embody exactly who we are….human, failing, scared, small, trembling at the enormity of everything we will never understand???? Can we dare to consider questioning our carefully crafted ideals of perfection and replace them with the stunning obvious beauty of what and where we are now in this moment? Is that possibility ever going to be enough for us? Are WE ever going to be enough for US?

When you realize the world has already been created, and you are not here to save it from anyone but yourself, you will be free. Then you can actively participate in the mastery of creation itself. The power of creation dwells in the potency of a question, not exclusively in the singularity of an answer. Our full potential will never be met… that was never the objective. Don’t you see? Your soul just wanted a chance to dance with the mystery because it is already secure with the truth of it’s own divine perfection.

Life is all about the Quest-ion….

What will yours be?

~ Lacey B.

The Path of Least Resistance

“Path of least resistance” collage by Lacey Boles

Hello Beloved. There is a deep turmoil churning within you, and you cannot locate the source of it’s origin. As much as you try to look for it, you get more entangled in the web of your own thoughts and desire to know it. This path scripted from need and desire creates the hangman’s noose. As you pull further away from the center of your beingness, with the hidden agenda of becoming, you effectively suffocate the sacred flame of creation within.

Tending to the inner flame arises from the intention to stay home, inside yourself, never betraying or abandoning your soul post in the here and now. The idea that you can attempt to stray from your soul is to believe you can walk away from who you are to find yourself outside yourself. What could possibly be more valuable and worthy of your time and attention than the treasured spark that is your own divine illumination and source of evolution?

What dimension would you have to create to explore a reality where you are not the center of it’s existence and reflection? How can you split apart the One Truth made possible between the covenant of your heart and mind? Where one goes the other must follow, and yet there is conflict still…why is this so Beloved? Why can they not coexist in your self directed reality? What purpose then are you crusading? Where then is spirit, whispering it’s hellos and goodbyes in the echo chambers of your divine temple? If you are not fully here and now, where and when do you exist?

There is no promised land. Not even heaven can beckon you from your soul’s grace, nor the threat of hell pry you from the axis of your seat of power. You are the jewel, afixed within the setting of eternity. All light seeks to know you, and flow through you into the world. If you are not the gatekeeper of the sacred flame within, who is tasked with ushering in the light through the jewel of eternity that is you?

Take the path of least resistance, which is no path at all. Descend deeper into the contents of your own awareness and eliminate the purpose you would give a destination. You are the path, the journey, and the desire to know it. To be at home in yourself, is to be at peace with the universe. Have you judged the universe unfit to host your beingness? How can conflict arise if you are wholly invested in peace? To know peace is to end all conflict with self and come to rest within the acceptance that the universe is the home of your soul. In your desire to create another reason for your existence in exchange for what has already been given, is to deny the truth. How far and wide will you go to justify your denial?

Eternal Blessings,

Lacey Boles

Living your truth

Have things been adding up in your world lately, or masterfully falling apart? Are you exhausted from participating in the circus act, or are you watching it unfold from a higher perspective? Where has the truth gone, and who is going to take responsibility for this mess we have found ourselves in? Are you looking around for someone to project blame onto? Does it make you feel better to pull the anger trigger and not care about the emotional fallout? Who or what are you really trying to protect by being right, Beloved?

The truth does not need anyone or anything. It simply IS. It does not require a protector or a master. The truth cannot be found, because it is not lost. You are lost. The vehichle of truth is a humble servant. You cannot serve truth if you are consumed by lies. Lies beget more lies. Truth begets truth. What distracts us from the truth? Where is our blind spot?

The truth is a perfectly crafted blade weilded by Spirit. It cuts with deadly precision. Are you courageous enough to withstand the blade of truth? Truth and knowledge are both weapons against illusion that serve each other and your Higher self. To know your truth and live your truth are similar, but not the same. Knowing is an idea that presides in the realm of the mind, which is under the jurisdiction of ego. This arrangement makes knowledge susceptible to the ego’s flawed perception of truth.

Living the truth arises from a feeling, a deep resonance within the body that is connected to all life. Feeling is a gift of the heart and must be trusted to cultivate it’s true power, which belongs to you as Spirit. Ego wants this power of truth for itself, but it cannot have it, because in truth it is not real and has no power. But, in the realm of mind it has full access to your belief systems and seeks to remain in the illusion of control. Ego will monopolize and manipulate all of your relationship with the truth, making it difficult to trust yourself. It is very good at disorienting you from your true purpose.

The truth is, you are who you believe you are, because you always have the freedom of choice. The truth is constant. It doesn’t change. It is the foundation that gives rise to your perception. Your perception is how you see. Your perception can change, and is therefore not truth. To live the truth is to let go of the lens of perception and abide in a deep place of peace that honors your relationship with the part of you that will never change.

The ego must project in order to appear as truth. You must master the chaos of the mind and it’s ruler, the ego, by bringing the truth to the lie. A lie cannot be brought to the truth, because it cannot be trusted to kill itself. But the truth can be brought to a lie and render it obsolete. This task is achieved by bringing your attention, awareness, and focus to the heart. The heart already knows the truth, beyond all thought. It is the divine presence of wisdom that is experienced as Love. It cannot be spoken or manipulated into an ego agenda.

The heart speaks through the langauge of feeling, and your body is it’s finely tuned instrument. Trust the feelings you get, and don’t let your mind try to talk you in or out of your own divine intelligence. The truth cannot be understood. It must be expericed as a direct revelation. The truth cannot be taught. You must be awakened to it’s presence which naturally leads to enlightenment. The ego cannot be brought to justice by a source outside you. You must awaken to the presence of source that is already within you. Only then will the ego dissolve into the perfection of your true brilliance. The equation that is you is solved, because there was never a possibility it was unsolved in the first place.

Trust the perfect creator you are and listen to the langauge of truth which can only be experienced as Love. Your mind cannot save you from pain of betraying your own wisdom. But your heart can bring truth, love, light, forgiveness, and acceptance to all the lies you believed were true about you based on the misperception and projection of ego. Let your mind become a servant to your heart, and you will begin to know peace…..which leads to living it.

With love and appreciation,

Lacey B

The greatest story

I don’t know if I’m a master storyteller, but I do know that I am here to attempt to express into words deeper truths that cannot be contained soley in the physical realm. Most story telling is linear by design, but Spirit talks to me in circles, and repeating patterns. My story does not belong to just me. It is on loan, from Spirit, and I am entrusted with sharing it to the best of my ability.

I realize there are two kinds of storytellers. Those who can capture, in great detail, a retelling of events that have already happened, in a one dimensional way. And there are those entrusted with the creative task of describing what is yet to come. It is easier to listen to a story that has already happened, because it provides a built in safety net for your consciousness to exploit. The master storyteller can speak in both directions, because they know from experience every story is a perfect circle with no begining and no end. It takes courage to be a vessel for a new story. It takes trust to hold a vision in your heart until it becomes a reality. I hope I can cultivate the trust and courage Spirit asks of me to be true to my story. 

Spirit tells me there is tremendous power to be awakened within a dreaming seed. Spirit reminds me to stop expending energy by searching for a resolution to a problem that doesn’t exist beyond my own misperception of who I am. Spirit invites me to examine what I believe, and question the voice in my head. Above all, Spirit insists I be true to myself at all costs. 

Often we feel stuck, uncertain of which way to go. We get pulled in so many directions and put so much pressure on ourself to please everyone. Our identiy stories go back to our inception. At first, it is necessary to feel safe and secure with a built in family of origin story. This story informs us of who we are, so we can orientate within the physical world. But eventually we fall short, and wonder how much longer we have to maintain others investments in our stock. Inevitably we will be confronted with the choice to split apart from who we think we should be, based on our environment, and embrace our brilliant genius within. You have the power to become the author of your own story. As the author, you have complete authority over what experiences you want to create. What story is waiting to be born in you?
Where is Spirit nudging you to go Beloved? What is your soul whispering to your heart? What dream is dreaming you? Where does your happiness reside, if not in this present moment of truth? What holds you back from being you? Let us be a witness to our own joy, and watch the walls of illusion tumble down together. Hand and hand, heart to heart, let’s explore who we are as One Spirit. 
When we have exhausted every agenda, and exposed every threat, we will arrive home to our True Self. You are strong enough to abandon the ego’s propoganda and choose a new thread to weave within the cosmos. The greatest story ever told can only be heard through your heart. Only the heart knows the language of Love. Only the heart holds an intelligence beyond the concept of control. Only the heart braves brokeness to become greater than the sum of it’s parts. Love is the language of the universe, and it’s telling the only story worth being told…..You.

Keep shining,

Lacey B.

Enlightenment for Empaths

Have you been feeling the energetic ups and downs of the awakening collective consciousness? Is it difficult to distinguish where you begin and the world ends? Do you deeply feel everyone and everything around you as if it was your own? Did you know you are an empath? Beloved you are one among many emerging light workers on the planet. Your divine gifts of extra sensory perception are needed to midwife more light onto the planet at this time. 

You’ve always known that you are different, and feel like you don’t quite belong to any one group or genre of thinking. You long for peace, and often sacrifice your own to make others happy. You see every side to a situation and always look for a solution that brings harmony and balance to everyone. You abhor violence and injustice of any kind. You are a giving, caring, gentle soul, who deserves to be witnessed in an equal measure of love that you extend to everyone else. 
As an empath you may have taught yourself it’s safer to keep your emotions on the inside, and never let them see the light of day. You may have come to this conclusion after witnessing the onslaught of emotional debris in the world day in and day out and decided you don’t want to contribute to it any further by adding your own emotional conflict. You are torn between two worlds, always being who you need to be for everyone else but yourself. Beloved, I know how exhausting it is trying to keep up with everyone’s emotional baggage and still find the silent alone time you crave. I understand the fragile balancing act of taking care of yourself and others that seem to exclusively depend upon you. There has to be a better way, don’t you agree? Some thing’s gotta give…..but it doesn’t always  have to be you.

Let us take a moment to breathe. Affirm in your mind, “Softly and gently I relax into my body within the present moment. I am safe in my body, and it is safe to feel my feelings. It is safe to release my feelings into the light. I trust that all is well, and I no longer need to carry the weight of the world.” Good job! How do you feel now? More clear and open? 
Earth Angel, it is important for you to hear how precious, gifted, and amazing you are. You are a ray of light in an otherwise dark and gloomy world. You have spent many lifetimes hiding in the shadow of fear, waiting for permission to give birth to the truth beyond this illusion of seperation. You feel everything as if it were your own because your soul recognizes the innate Oneness of all life. You are a lifeline, and it is time to heal your perception of who you think you are. You belong to a vast and ever growing community of souls we will refer to as “The Council of Light”. You are here on a mission, committed to helping raise the frequency of the planet, so the reality of heaven can be manifested on earth. You have within you the ability to harmonize, blend, and raise energy frequencies through your many gifts such as: spiritual connectivity, alignment with Source energy, loving devotion, open heartedness, clear mindfullness. Think of these as your super powers. Consider it your job to cultivate them and help others cultivate them until you are surrounded by a community of like minded, open hearted, soul serving individuals. You will then have manifested, via the fulfillment of your purpose, a Council of Light. Meet consistently with your personal Council of Light and consciously anchor light into the energy feild of Mother Earth. Trust that she has an intelligence beyond your comprehension, and will know how to direct this loving healing energy for the highest good of all.
Emotions can feel overwhelming and complicated when we try to take them all on at once. It is easy to slip into a state of resistance, and become hardened to What Is. It’s not your fault the ego is desperate in it’s attempts to reign supreme with absolute control. We get duped daily by our ego’s small mindedness that can only percieve itself as a seperate identity from the whole. Remember you have 24/7 access to Angels and Guides who would love to help you navigate your way back to simplicity. There is no right or wrong way to be a lightworker. You are already Christ Conscious, the Buddha, the Divine One. You merely need unwrap the gift you are by being present here and now. You are permitted access to the heavenly realms of Enlightenment. Yes YOU!!!

Love and Light,

Lacey B.

Healing in the New Age

Your sacred wound is the seat of your purpose and medicine in the world. What you choose to believe about who you are is the gift of your creative power. You can choose to recieve the gift of your divine presence or ignore and deny it. How you choose to act and respond is your power. All of life is a witness to your power….are you? How do you witness your power in the world? The whole of creation is conspiring with you to create your reality. It responds to every thought and intention you focus on as true and believes it is worthy of birth wether you consciously do or not. Is it you ​or your wound running the show? Are you making choices from a place of pain and suffering? Do you believe you are a victim of circumstance, culture, society, politics, or social engineering? Where are you in relationship to your power? Is it inside you or outside you? When is the last time you consciously created?

Beloved, it is safe for you to claim your power. It is time to heal your perception and accept responsibility as the sole creator of your life and your reality as you know it. No one else can change your life for you, or heal you, but You. No one possesses the power to take your power without your permission.

 Examine experiences in your life where you have felt a loss of power. See it as your sacred wound and ask it what it needs in order to heal and become whole again. Ask it what wisdom it wants to share with you about your True Self. Ask it what medicine it desires to bring through you to the world. Honor your sacred wound by listening and feeling the pain of loss, grief, betrayal, abandonment, abuse, neglect, etc. Choose to be a sacred witness to the pain that is present in you so it can be released. We must actively participate in our healing. If we won’t listen to our pain, who will??? Recieve the gift of growth, freedom, and expansion waiting on the other side of your wound.

Trust the wisdom of your creative power. Follow the path your medicine weilds for you in the world. Let it lead you and teach you about who you are. Gently notice what triggers or inflames your wound. Invite activities, experiences, and relationships that soothe, support, and heal you. Softly bring your attention to anything weighing you down. It can be a feeling or a story you have inherited from your family or society. Breathe in self forgiveness, self acceptance, compassion and the peace of understanding as you say aloud,”From the love and light that I am, I now consciously release any energies that no longer serve my highest good.” Repeat this as many times as it takes to feel the heaviness lift from you. Visualize yourself surrounded by a column of white light emerging from the infinite universe. Imagine a river of pure source energy cascading like a waterfall through your body, washing away any residue, impurities, darkness, brokeness, or stagnation. Use your breath to center and ground you as you experience a shift in your feild of awareness. 

“Source” Soul collage by Lacey Boles

My healing creative intention behind this message is not to diminish any wrong doing, injustice, victimization, or cruel acts imposed on you or the world. My intention is to empower and inspire you to see who you are beyond the veil of ignorance, fear, and egoic proportions of disillussionment projected onto you. No one can stand in your power but you, and that is your superpower. Acknowledging and accepting your power is not a way to dismiss or end all the pain you have endured, but it is a way to begin to honor it and learn from it. 

You are not your wound, or the circumstances that created it. Let us pause and contemplate this statement. Ask yourself, “If I am not my wound or the curcumstances that created it, then who am I? Who am I, if I am not who I think I am?” There is much to learn from the answer to this question. The critical point of asking who you are is first admitting you don’t know. Confessing you don’t know opens the door to unlimited potential. Thus, is healing made a possible option again.

All my Love,

Lacey B.

Love is the only reality

Is reality getting in the way of how you want to live your life? Do you often find yourself wishing you could do things differently, but can’t figure out why you attract unfufilling experiences again and again? Your life story is not designed by chance. It is crafted entirely by you, your consciousness. Your life is an interactive equation. Imagine it as a diverse, ever expanding, evolving, culmination of thought, feeling, belief, desire, and its coordinating experience, that exists within your personal quantum feild of possibility. The fabric of your life is generated by you, but flows from the same Source as all life. As a creator, you are learning how to consciously co-create in harmony (or discord) with Source energy. Co-creation offers awareness and direct experience of the parameters and natural laws governing creation itself. While you are free to choose to create whatever you desire, you are not free from the consequence of what you create. Because you were created by Love, Pure Source, you cannot operate outside the divine matrix of Love that is your Beingness. In other words, where ever you are, Love is there with you, and will not let you be separate or create separately from it. Thus, we inadvertently learn the first rule of creation, you are Love and Love is all that can truly ever Be.

From the premise of, Love is all there is and ever will be, we are given permission to explore every possibility that Love would explore to know itself again and again. Is Love the question or the answer? Is there any part of you that feels untouched by Love? What would you deny Love? What would you deny yourself? Love cannot be lost on you, because it is you, and love is always seeking to know the joy of discovering itself as Love through you. You cannot escape the consequence of what Love chose to create in you. 
As we shift from disempowered victim to empowered creator we learn the art of letting go. There is a natural order, a higher governing caucus of love that is not at war with itself. There is a perfect system of distribution and contribution that unites all levels of existence, all realms and dimensions of reality and non-reality. The key to peace is acceptance of what Is. 

By accepting what Is, resistance is released, and the choice to align with Pure Source energy is made accessible again. Relinquishing the perception of desire for control offers freedom. Surrendering to the Love that you are is to become one with the joy of creation itself. When there is no hidden agenda or expectation, the equation that is your life returns to the neutral state of Love from which it was fordged.

As you witness your reality through the lens of love, what is it telling you about your beliefs of who you are and why you are here? Can you invite Love into the equation that is your life and trust that it already knows how to balance it? Are you ready to accept your power as a creator and the consequence of the culmination of every choice you have made? Where is Love asking to expand in you and manifest in your life? How will you know when Love has arrived if you are not consciously present for it? 

The reality of fulfillment is a never ending process of Being. It is a self sustaining cycle of transformation that offers us the opportunity to expand through Love, acceptance, forgiveness, and joy. We are the eternal heartbeat of the universe expressing itself the only way it knows how in this moment. We are living art forms, vessels of the divine, sculpted by endless Love. You will never truly be full, because you are never truly empty. You can experience fulfillment in emptiness, and feel empty with the illusion of fullness. 

Let us then be peaceful warriors, united in heart, unseperated by illusion. May we transmute the barriers to love within ourselves and each other. May we rise from the ashes of our small selves and unlearn all we have been taught in fear as we remember our origins in Love. May we trust our hearts and joy to lead the way as we co-create in harmony with each other, as One. Isn’t this the platform Love desires to create from? Isn’t this the fulfillment your soul longs for?

In spirit and vision,

Lacey B.


Why do you believe what you believe? Who told you to believe it? How did you learn your beliefs are true? Do you believe you are real, and the world you live in is real? Do you believe reality can only be experienced the way you are currently experiencing it? Do you believe what you percieve as the only truth in all existence? What happens when you change your belief about belief?

These questions are intended to make you think about how you think, and why you think the way you do. If your entire reality turned out to be false, how would that affect you? What beliefs would you create about yourself, your purpose, your worth? How do you judge what is real and true and worthy of your belief in it? Who holds the power to decide all these important decisions about the foundation of your reality and experience here on earth? 

Who governs the government? Who judges the judge? Who is the thinker behind the thinker? Who is the believer behind the believer? Who is the Creator of your reality? Who are you? Can you ever know? Can you ever experience the truth of who you are beyond the need for belief?

​”What you seek is seeking you.” Soul collage by Lacey Boles

Your perception is only necessary when you want to have an experience outside of the oneness of All-that-Is. Perception is an idea of seperation from Pure Source. True experience is Oneness and does not require perception. What vision do you need when you see all as one? Who do you need to believe you are when you are the total experience? This is no serious matter, no thinking matter. This is play, this is fun, this is Creation! 

It is because of your truth that you are able to attempt to experience yourself as untrue. The mirror reflection of I Am is a question, Am I? Life asks the question and you respond with creating an experience to answer it. If you cannot experience every possibility, then no possibility would exist, and yet here you are experiencing possibility! 

Forget to think, and just experience who you are. Let go of the idea that you have to believe in anything. Experience what is right now, what is happening at this moment without judgement or belief. See what happens when you detach from the thinker, and become the thinker behind the thinker. See beyond what is possible, and become One with possibility itself.

Infinite blessings,

Lacey B. 

Channeled Message in a bottle

Greetings and blessings to you dear one. Love of the universe, blessed and holy child, it is you that holds every key to every lock within you to understanding your power, your purpose, your soul service of creation. The heavens and the earth meet where you stand, holding you, loving you, guiding you in all you’ve become. You have no idea of your brilliance, it’s glowing orb of truth that surrounds you eternally. Be lifted into this ever evolving sphere of knowledge. Be eclipsed by love from the shadow into the light. You shine brighter than a million suns, and you are loved by Love itself, the eternal source of all life that dwells within you. We cannot emphasize enough how blessed and holy you are. How precious, infinite, and beautiful your soul is. Yours is a beauty like no other. It cannot be replicated anywhere. You are magnificent sparks of the divine. Original, unique, special. The first of your kind. You are treasured gifts of love, exploding stars of brilliant light dancing in the multiverse of all creation. 

We lend our power to you, so that you may grow strong from within. We lend our knowledge to you. All that we have learned we pass freely onto you. We ask nothing of you but an openess to connect. Your life is yours to live, we do not interfere with your free will. We guide, we bless, we protect. We are your ancestors, ancient remants of lifetimes on earth stored within the matrix of your consciousness. Energetically we come from the same source and are indeed one in spirit. We are you, before you were you. And you are us, the evolution of our soul, as only time can concieve of us. We are the voice of your conscious, a collective bank of wealth and experience available to you always. We speak in ways beyond words. We convey through an inner knowing. Truth is universal and transcendent. It is by truth, and truth alone that we are able to communicate clearly, honestly, openly. We do not hide or withhold anything from you. All is available at your request. We are always here, listening, supporting, and encouraging you to grow and expand in love and light. 

Solstice Blessings, 

Lacey B. 

A new vision

You are a path finder, way shower, light worker, pioneer, spiritual warrior, truth seeker, guardian of innocence, healer, miracle worker, gate keeper, and you are here to change the world with your particular brand of magic. For too long you have hidden your light, your essence from the world. But the time has come for you to step forward into the light of your being. You are being activated on many levels as your old beliefs wither away and a new belief structure takes place within you. You are transitioning, shifting your consciousness to embody more light. As you accept and expand the light that you are, you bring more light to the planet as a whole. You are asked to ground this light, this healing energy into Mother Earth herself. This is what your soul came here to do. 
We are awakening to our collective conscious. We are recognizing our Oneness with Mother Earth as we connect and honor all life as the sacred gift it is. We are overcoming lifetimes of truama as we bravely shed our fears, doubts, and worry for the future. What you need to hear is: You are supported in all that you are. There is a tremendous healing force available to you on the planet at this time. Align with this energy to replenish yourself, and restore balance to Mother Earth. Life is not a one way street. You must give, in order to recieve, and you must recieve in order to give. This is a natural law of perfect balance that creates harmony and peace from within and without. 

What you need to know is: You have many gifts that have laid dormant. As you reclaim these natural gifts you will understand your true purpose and recieve guidance as to how to utilize them for the highest good. Your gifts are a blessing and needed at this time. Trust that your soul already knows what to do. Trust that you are perfect in your learning and cannot make a mistake. There is no right or wrong way, only the light way. Continually shift your established state of conscious awareness from fear to love. You are an alchemist, you are magical, you are eternal.

Lacey B.